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Scent of Zagara

It travels on the intriguing rhythm of the Sicilian funky, follows the intoxicating trail of the orange blossom and, along a colorful itinerary among the DOP and PGI citrus groves of five Sicilian provinces, explore at a walking pace – and from a bird’s eye view – the incredible variety of landscapes, monuments, squares, markets, traditions and faces.

Second edition of the project “Social Farming 2.0”

A year of training, a year of innovation, a year of inclusion…

NCWR Programme Mediterranean – Full english version

The programme started to address water scarcity in the Mediterranean, is implemented in of Sicily since 2017, by the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med), in partnership with the Citrus District of Sicily (Distretto Produttivo Agrumi di Sicilia), the University of Catania and Coca-Cola Italy.

Sicilian citrus fruits. A day in the island of the sun.

Sicily is the main citrus growing region in Italy, 60% of its total cultivated surface. Four Sicilian citrus fruits are with IGP or DOP brand, together with the organic fruits they are the excellence of Italian citrus farming. Different from one territorial area to another, they are the symbol of biodiversity. A plural heritage of taste and nutritional properties, a gift of Mother Nature. The Citrus District of Sicily is the first historical aggregate of citrus production chain. Its mission is to valorize citrus fruits and the territory where they grow.