Who we are

The constituent assembly of the Citrus District of Sicily has agreed, on the basis of its Development Pact, that the District governance will be the responsibility of its Consortium, some of whose members have decided, with great determination and vision, to actively contribute for the realization of its objectives, thus providing the District with an “operational arm”.

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Federica Argentati – The President of the Citrus Production District of Sicily

The District’s board of directors

The board of directors of the “Consortium Citrus Production District of Sicily”, which constitutes the governing body of the Citrus Production District of Sicily, is composed of:

  • The Chair: Federica Argentati (agronomist and expert in agro-food cooperation marketing)
  • Vice-Chair: Giuseppe Pasciuta (agronomist, farmer-entrepreneur, former president of the PDO branded Ribera Orange’s Producers Association)
  • Councilors:
    • Giosuè Arcoria, farmer and president of national citrus department of Confagricoltura
    • Francesco Ancona, agronomist of O.P. Agrinova Bio 2000
    • Giovanni Antonio Caminiti, lawyer and Chair of  Consorzio Limone Interdonato di Messina IGP
    • Alessandra Gentile, professor of Alboriculture at  Di3A University of Catania
    • Ivan Mazzamuto, farmer  and president of La Normanna
    • Renato Maugeri, lawyer and Chair of Associazione Limone dell’Etna IGP
    • Graziano Scardino, president of CIA Sicilia
    • Salvatore Torrisi, AD Oranfresh
    • Francesca Valenziani, farmer
List of members

List of members

Firms and entities accepted as members of the Citrus Production District of Sicily , approved by regional Decree n. 614/GAB del 27/12/2011 – extracted from documents A and B (renewed with Decree n. 894/GAB of 18/09/2012, Decree n. 174/GAB of 17/07/2013 a...