The Citrus Production District of Sicily includes among its members firms, producers organizations and associations operating all over the Sicilian territory, bringing together the main quality citrus products in the island, with their peculiar characteristics linked to the territory of origin.

The Citrus Production District of Sicily coordinates the sicilian territory

The Citrus Production District of Sicily includes companies that cover all over Sicily

Membership from firms and organizations distributed all over the citrus growing lands in Sicily and their respective quality products have encouraged the District to pursues a policy which, while guaranteeing a central role for the individual firm within the citrus farming sector, it also allows for networking and connection with all other firms for the purpose of creating synergies, scale economies, and a shared project for future development, in other words an “integrated system”.

Below are reported links of the various web sites activated by the producers associations signatories of the Citrus Production District of Sicily’s Development Pact:

consorzio-limone-siracusa    arancia-ribera-dop    arancia-rossa-sicilia-igp    consorzio-tardivo-ciaculli    limone-interdonato-messina