Development Pact

In June 2011, at the end of an assembly meeting, 144 participants signed a Development Pact with the purpose of building a shared project for the concrete support of firms within the chain.

Board meeting, 2011


7 are the objectives of the Development Pact signed by all members of the Citrus District of Sicily:

  1. Associative marketing
  2. Access to credit and tax incentives
  3. Internationalization
  4. Fruit markets and short chain
  5. Scientific research
  6. Integrated relational tourism
  7. Training


10 are the cross-sectional actions identified in the Development Pact and signed by the members:

  1. Production monitoring
  2. Structural intervention on production
  3. Monitoring of marketing activities
  4. Access to credit
  5. Quality planning
  6. Scientific research
  7. Communication and promotion
  8. Training
  9. Logistics and infrastructure
  10. Support management and development


Members’ convention of the constituent assembly of the Citrus District of Sicily – Pergusa (EN), 20 June 2011

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