Social Farming. Social integration in the Sicilian Citrus Production Network

A project promoted by the Citrus Production District of Sicily, the ARCES High School, with the unconditional contribution of the Coca Cola Foundation

Social Farming - Project of Sicily

Practical training with internship in a farming company

The project “Social Farming. Social integration in the Sicilian Citrus Production Network” consists in a series of theme-focused seminars and theoretical-practical training to create technical professionalities and new entrepreneurship in the citrus production network (production, product transformation and relational tourism).

The training activities will involve highly specialized teachers, expert agronomists from the citrus production network, social cooperatives, representatives organizations operating in the Sicilian citrus production network, organizations and entities specialized in hospitality and integrated relational tourism, consortia of PDO, PGI and organic productions, and leading companies associated with the Citrus Production District of Sicily.

Aziende leader del settore associate al consorzio del Distretto Produttivo Agrumi di Sicilia


  • Social inclusion of young people, women, migrant people, disabled people.
  • Improvement of workers’ level of specialization within the citrus production network which will have an impact on production quality and processes.
  • Increase in the level of employment in Sicily and creation of a workforce employable in other countries of the Mediterranean basin with potential in citrus production, in order to enhance the development of disadvantaged areas which are points of destination of current migration flows.
  • Transparency in the labour demand and supply mechanism within the citrus production network.
  • Spreading of social responsibility concepts within the citrus production network.


Social Farming 1.0


Social Farming 2.0

Social Farming 3