The French market

Obj. 3 – Internationalization

SOPEXA - International Marketing Group for Food, Wine & Lifestyle

SOPEXA – International Marketing Group for Food, Wine & Lifestyle

This project aims to promote the market value of good quality Sicilian citrus farming production on the French market and has been developed by the Sopexa agency, through the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the French market and identification of actions required according to products’ characteristics and to types of firms operating within the District (Studio Marketing);
  2. Analysis of market needs as a function of logistics and quality;
  3. Action project to connect products and their derivatives;
  4. Organization of events on French territory using the instruments provided by the agro-food production chain (French-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Institute for international commerce (ICE), Entities operating on the territory);
  5. Participation in sector-specific exhibition fairs;
  6. Organization of incoming operations;
  7. Adaptation of firms’ activities to French market needs.

The objective of finding new markets should be pursued through a collective and cohesive action and it is the basis for the necessary internationalization.