Industrial transformation of citrus

The project proposed by the District aims to enhance the market value of quality DOP, IGP and Biological citrus farming products through industrial transformation.

Commercial value of PDO, PGI and organic citrus

Commercial value of DOP, IGP and Biological citrus

This objective stems from our awareness about the importance of putting in place agreements within the industry aimed to enhance the added value of raw ingredients.

Our aim is to:

  1. Open new space in national and international markets for citrus fruits in general and in particular for DOP/IGP branded and Biological production, not just for fresh products but also for processed ones;
  2. To endow quality processed products with the added value necessary to increase profit margins on the sale of raw ingredients;
  3. To create the widest possible synergy between the different operators in the Sicilian citrus farming sector and to elaborate parallel projects that can support the sector while enhancing the action’s efficacy.

Citrus fruits are good to drink, not just to eat. Apart from the percentage of juice present, the District works to guarantee Sicilian, as well as DOP, IGP and Biological juices.

Better still if they are 100% natural juices made from Sicilian citrus. Let’s spread their consumption through the use of automatic citrus squeezers, through (brick shape) packaging wherever possible. Especially in schools, hospitals, public places, restaurants, farm holiday resorts… .

Processed products represent continuity in our market production, characterized as it is by its seasonal nature.